Medical Cannabis Processing

Each stage of processing medicinal cannabis is essential to produce a premium product that is medical-grade quality. By managing all the stages – from harvesting, drying and sorting to trimming and curing – Cannavais can retain control over the entire process and ensure our plants are optimised for medical cannabis products and for international exportation to the pharmaceutical market.

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Medical Cannabis Processing St Vincent


Harvesting the plants at the right time is crucial to maximise the active compounds contained in the flower. Only years of cannabis cultivation experience and harvesting knowledge can determine the best time for harvesting. Cannavais cultivators in SVG recognise the visual and physical signs that indicate optimal harvest time.


Once harvested, the plants are taken to the drying room where they are hung upside down from the stems where they can dry for around seven to fourteen days. The drying stage has a critical effect on the quality of the cannabis and elements such as humidity and temperature are carefully controlled to achieve a premium product.


The dried cannabis flowers are then sorted by hand and separated into large buds and small buds. The different sizes are then ready to be sent for the appropriate process that will be carried out on each bud size.


The trimming stage is when any non-required part of the cannabis plant is removed, such as leaves and stems. Cannavais uses the dry trimming technique which is where the harvested plant is only trimmed after the drying stage has taken place. Plants that still have their leaves before being dried can hold more moisture and therefore take longer to dry than if the extraneous parts of the plant are removed before drying. The slower drying stage aids the curing process and helps provide the optimum properties for medicinal cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Processing
Medical Cannabis Processing


Curing is the stage where the dried flowers are stored in curing containers in a cool and dark environment where moisture levels are balanced to prevent any mould growth. Curing is an important step that enhances the desired properties and quality of medical cannabis.