Cannabis Cultivation

Medical cannabis cultivation requires a number of elements to come together and create the optimal environment for marijuana plants to flourish. Successful medicinal cannabis cultivation is reliant on the local environment and the conditions it provides, such as temperature, light, water and the availability of nutrients.

Medical marijuana cultivation can take place indoors or outside. At Cannavais, all of our medicinal cannabis cultivation will take place outside in the optimal environment provided by the islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines. The islands are an ideal location for medicinal marijuana cultivation; offering a tropical climate for prime growing conditions, the availability of high-quality arable land and access to local farmers’ expertise.

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Medical Cannabis Cultivation


Marijuana, like any agricultural crop grown outside, requires the optimal balance of nutrients and pH. The volcanic soil of St Vincent offers a fertile growth medium which is rich in nutrients and minerals.

The high-quality arable land and rich fertile soil means we can organically cultivate our marijuana crop. This is important as the effects of artificial fertilizers on medicinal cannabis products – and how they might affect the patient – are unknown. Organic cultivation also means we can minimise our impact on the land and local environment.


For optimal medical cannabis cultivation, the plants require long periods of light as well as darkness. The long hours of daylight in St Vincent (around 11 to 12 hours throughout the year) and long periods of night-time darkness naturally provide these optimum growing conditions.


Optimal day time temperatures for medical cannabis cultivation are between 24- and 30-degrees C. With temperatures in St Vincent ranging from 24- to 31-degrees C throughout the year, temperatures remain consistent and provide predictable conditions for optimal marijuana cultivation.

Water and Humidity

Too much water in the soil can over-saturate and kill marijuana plants. For optimum conditions, soil should have the opportunity to dry before the plants are re-watered. St Vincent’s tropical climate means rain fall is frequent. We use water reclamation to ensure our crops are saturated with water when required and the warm temperatures help the soil dry adequately in between watering.

Very dry conditions can slow the rate of photosynthesis in plants. St Vincent’s tropical climate, and the humidity that comes with it, provides optimal humidity levels and growth conditions for our marijuana plants.

Medical Cannabis Cultivation
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Local Expertise

Cannavais is proud to partner with St Vincent’s traditional cannabis cultivators and operates a cooperative initiative with local farmers, many of whom have worked their land for generations and hold a wealth of knowledge and expertise on marijuana cultivation.

Our cooperative will help traditional cultivators enter into licensed cannabis cultivation, making best use of local skills as we begin testing different cannabis genetics and identifying the strains that grow most vigorously on St Vincent.