Social Responsibility

Cannavais takes its social responsibility extremely seriously. We believe we are in a unique position to make an enormous social and economic impact, not only within Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, but globally. With an aim to facilitate a multi-program initiative, Cannavais are looking at several areas where our assistance could be beneficial, whilst addressing any barriers to offer such assistance.

The Cannavais business plan is based on an entirely cooperative business model. Our core believe is that we must work in partnership with local traditional cultivators and the local community. We can provide the knowledge, experience and financial assistance necessary to support and educate traditional cultivators, allowing the cultivation of internationally acceptable medicinal cannabis products.

The Cannavais team has been built with a strong focus towards social and environmental concern. We are a team of individuals who share core believes regarding the opportunity we have been presented, and the enormous benefit this can provide locally and globally.  

Cannavais medical cannabis

We have an opportunity to assist healing many people around the world. People who have suffered through many years of prohibition. Cannabis is a truly magical plant that has the ability to heal not only people, but the earth. A realistic opportunity exists to provide a future the next generations can thrive in.

Medical Cannabis Plant

St Vincent and the Grenadines

We believe Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has a unique and valuable opportunity to build an agricultural supply chain network of diversified independent farmers, with a focused regenerative initiative. It is imperative to preserve and enhance local organic agriculture, whilst protecting the local community to ensure their continued involvement and success in the local medicinal cannabis industry.

The industry is here due to a community that never stalled in its attempts to fight prohibition and to educate the wider audience on the health benefits of cannabis. The same community spirit should now be maintained and upheld. This ensures those who fought for its legalisation, now benefit from their vast knowledge and dedication. Local traditional cultivators are at the epicentre of this community. The desire should be about creating jobs and opportunity for both the local community and government. To assist education, wellbeing and quality of life. Cannavais believe we have a responsibility towards these goals.

Seed Bank

Cannavais would like to provide a seed bank to allow acquisition of high quality and expensive seed to assist local cultivators diversify their crops strains. Commercially, traditional cultivators who can offer a diversified and higher grade of cannabis will see increased financial benefit and opportunity. Giving traditional cultivators the opportunity to access expensive foreign genetics assists with their competitiveness in the local and global market.


Cannavais will incorporate a non-profit organisation with initiatives focused towards assisting traditional cultivators enter the market. Financial barriers exist for many traditional cultivators wishing to enter the cannabis industry. To assist this transitional period Cannavais will offer assistance and advice on a variety of potential barriers, including but not limited to, licensing support, obtaining land, site security, supplies and knowledge.

Land Bank

Historically cannabis farms have been hard to access due to their previous illicit nature. The current law states each local traditional cultivator can cultivate up to 5 acres of land, however, many cannot afford new and accessible land. Cannavais will acquire lands which we can then lease to local traditional cultivators at a peppercorn rent. In conjunction, Cannavais will then pay an excellent market rate for the medicinal grade cannabis cultivated.