Medical Cannabis Company St Vincent

    Cannavais, a new medicinal cannabis venture, is focusing on developing solutions to worldwide concerns over how medical cannabis can be conveniently taken by patients and acceptably prescribed by medical professionals.

    Medicinal cannabis can now be legally prescribed in many countries around the world, including the UK, Canada and in over 30 states in the US, prompting expectations that worldwide patient use will increase. However, even as the benefits of medicinal cannabis are becoming more widely known, patients and medical professionals are concerned about how the medicine can be suitably delivered in a format acceptable to both the medical profession and the patient.

    There are a number of ways that cannabis can be taken for medicinal purposes including ingesting it in a food product, inhaling it – by either smoking or using a vaporiser – or applying topical creams. Inhalation of medical cannabis is not supported by the medical profession and many patients do not want to use this method either – being of particular concern for children and the elderly.

    Through the development of a range of medicinal cannabis products, such as transdermal patches, slow release oral tablets and topical balms, Cannavais is focused on finding convenient and acceptable methods for patients to use medicinal marijuana and benefit from cannabis as a medicine.

    Simon Robins, Head of PR and Marketing at Cannavais commented; “Our product development team are working on medicinal cannabis formats that provide patients with an effective alternative to smoking or inhaling medicinal marijuana. We believe these new delivery systems will widen the reach of medicinal cannabis and enable patients – who would benefit from the medicine – to take it in a way that is appropriate for them and the medical professionals prescribing the treatment.”